Internet Legends is a new, exciting way to educate primary school children in the UK about on-line safety.

When developing the tour, Google teamed up with Livity to undertake research in order to gain insight into what concerns and motivates young people online. The insights informed how Google can work to promote attitudes and behaviour, which ensures kids can confidently and safely get the most out of all that the internet can offer.

Internet Legends is based on the premise that how you behave on-line can shape who you become and how you’re perceived by your peers – something which is hugely motivating to kids.

This fed into the development of the Internet Legends’ Code, which harnesses children’s desire for mastery and skill. The Legends code focuses on four key themes: think before you share, protect your stuff, check it’s for real, and respect each other. These themes offer children a memorable way to remember key tips for safe and responsible engagement online throughout their daily lives.