We needed to get 16-24 year olds generating hype around E4’s new drama “Glue” by creating an engagement piece that brought to life the show’s theme, within their social circles. It had to create word-of-mouth, online buzz and ‘appointment to view’ for an audience that don’t naturally interact with broadcasters in a traditional way. Brainstorming with our target audience made it clear that this is where they (and their intimate circle of friends) are regularly communicating (most of them daily) in a fun and irreverent way.

Research showed that only 1% of brands or marketing campaigns ever utilise Snapchat which offered an opportunity for E4 to stand out where it would usually be competing for the audience’s attention. We created a 56 snap storyboard of promotional content that would be delivered straight to our target audiences’ mobile phones and direct into their intimate peer groups.


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The Glue Snapchat activity was an innovative and well integrated part of a national launch campaign that had young people at its heart throughout. Meticulously planned and implemented by Livity, it was a great way to launch E4Snaps by cleverly placing a new drama directly into the hands of our viewers via their mobile phones. Being able to humanise our brand is invaluable and this piece was great as it allowed for content with a personal fee. We were very impressed by the levels of engagement the campaign received. It was the perfect springboard to introduce E4 into a powerful and relatively new social platform.

– Michelle Owusu, Senior Marketing Executive