Access to porn amongst young people is higher than ever. Excessive exposure to porn from a young age can lead to a range of issues for young people, including body dysmorphia and a feeling of pressure to engage in sexual acts they are uncomfortable with.

ChildLine teamed up with Livity to help young people to protect themselves against the potentially harmful impact of excessive exposure to porn – and to position ChildLine as a go-to on the subject.

Through a series of vlogger-voiced YouTube animations, F.A.P.Z removes the embarrassment and shame associated with discussing issues around porn, builds resilience and demonstrates that what people see in porn is not necessarily representative of real-world sex.

Traffic was driven to the animations through seven vlogger videos, reaching a large and diverse audience.


“ChildLine talking about porn!? This was always going to be a challenge but we knew Livity were the right agency to pull this off, following their brilliant work on our multi-award winning Zipit campaign. Livity’s F.A.P.Z creative used humour to hook in our target audience and to open up a conversation on this controversial topic without patronising or judging young people. At ChildLine we need to remain relevant to our audience and understand the issues that are affecting them even if they’re difficult to tackle or talk about. Livity’s co-creation approach with young people and the involvement of high profile vloggers helped the F.A.P.Z series of animations deliver massive reach and engagement. We’re thrilled at the response to this ground-breaking campaign.” – Paul Macmahon, Senior Communications Officer, NSPCC