October 26, 2016

We are Undivided #wedemand

We Are Undivided
It began the week after the referendum; it launches today; it could change the face of British politics.

Thousands of young people from across the UK of all political persuasions, backgrounds and beliefs are rising above differing opinions to focus on their uniting principles as we head further into Brexit negotiations.

They’re doing this to rise above hate; to demand their voice be heard in the negotiations that will affect their generation longest; to get the best deal for young people from Brexit; to prove their differences make them stronger; and that they are not divided as we’re too often told.

Today I’m proud to share the launch of

In the four months since the referendum, young people from all corners of the UK have built a brand, developed a site, secured funding, created a team, designed a campaign that’s digital, physical, social, local and interactive, and today it all goes live.

The three young leaders (a leaver, a remainer and a non-voter) will this morning be on the Today programme on Radio 4, Adam Boulton on Sky News, Victoria Derbyshire on BBC2, ITV Live on Facebook and after that, in every paper from The Sun to the Sunderland Echo.

They aim to involve a million young voices in the formation of a series of demands to protect young people’s futures in Brexit, which they will deliver to Parliament and the PM in January. The digital platform will capture those voices and provide a progressive, positive contribution to the UK’s developing Brexit strategy. In the end, they want a seat at the negotiation table.

Livity is proud to have housed, supported and mentored the young people behind the campaign, and we’d like to ask for your support in giving these young people power.

Please share, comment and like across any social media channel you have – their Facebook page is, their Twitter is @WeAreUndivided and they are using #wedemand.

Look out for it today, and please lend a hand where you can to help create a youth-led vision for an Undivided country after Brexit that we can look forward too.

Thank you for your support,
Sam Conniff
Co-Founder & CEO of Livity

Sam & the Undivided co-leaders