June 29, 2015

Build it. The people will come.

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A young person I met at a somewhereto_ event last year sent me their blog to have a look and give some feedback. Her offerings are playful fashion musings – achingly cool, full of good humour and life.  She’s had the foresight to cook up a good tagline for the top of the page – “Build it. The people will come”. I love this sentiment because I see it all the time, working alongside people who believe in their ideas and are confident that if they take those ideas to a certain point, others will follow. These people are everywhere, but Livity and somewhereto_ seem to have a habit of attracting them.

somewhereto_ startup happened once more on June 16th, again proving itself a wonderful vehicle for bringing together those young people who believe in their ideas and aren’t afraid to talk about them. We were joined by 18 young businesses on the day, who put faith and confidence in themselves, pitching to win free workspace in some very highly thought of London-based tech businesses, all members of the Founders Forum. So far there have been an impressive 28 offers of free workspace from the Founders, with more still to come. These young entrepreneurs are building, and the people are starting to come, take a look and get involved supportively where they can.

But those young people aren’t the only ones building. somewhereto_startup was first delivered in 2012 on the top floor of Westfield Stratford. The latest iteration was sponsored by Google. This event has come a long, long way, and this really is just the start. Google wasn’t the only big name at this party, with buy-in from Bloomberg, the Founder’s Forum and Rt. Hon. Dame Tessa Jowell no less. All of these guys see immense value in unlocking underused space, increasing access and welcoming young innovation to their large, potentially intimidating tables (not you, Tessa!) and somewhereto_ is the perfect conduit for this vision, as we’ve been doing this for 5 years – so we heighten the integrity that surrounds activity like this.

Looking forward, there is no reason why any venue that’s launching, or any brand that’s activating a space, or any government department that’s looking for fresh innovation shouldn’t partner with somewhereto_startup in order to deliver what they need and more. We’ve built it. Now, who wants to get involved?

Joseph Gray, Senior Account Manager, somewhereto_, Livity, 29.06.15