January 20, 2016

My Time With Livity

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When I first heard from my headteacher that I would be coming to Livity/Live, I was not happy at all. I carried that disappointment with me all week up until the day I first came to the office, where I sat at the table, headphones in and screwed up face whilst being told what I would be doing with my time here.

My mind was set. My first day had come and my mum dropped me here to make sure I came. I sat downstairs and thought for a minute (on the stairs so my mum was under the impression that I had gone upstairs) and then decided that I still wasn’t going to come in, I attempted to leave – unsuccessfully, my mum knows me too well.

Thinking back to now, that was nearly a whole year ago, I can’t believe everybody put up with my ill-mannered, unmotivated, constantly “bored” attitude to anything that was remotely close to education or work. I can’t say coming here has 0-100 changed me but without the help and opportunities I have had here I couldn’t have seen myself even finishing my exams let alone applying for colleges.

Not only is this one of the only places that I have enjoyed being involved with, it’s the only place that has been willing to keep me here for such a long period of time. The best thing about being at Livity has been the persistent bugging that I get everyday to do my work, although when its being done I complain it’s the one thing that keeps me coming. Although that constant ‘bugging’ has been there, the fact that if I don’t want too listen when I’m being stubborn, I’ve had the freedom to say and do what I want (in regards to creating my own content for LiveMagUK) is also a key part of my motivation.

I’ve had some of the best opportunities here out of all of my secondary education; before I came here the only place my school agreed to take us too was a prison (to put us off that path I presume).

Deep down I was shocked that people who hardly knew me would want to help me. If everybody could get the experience that Livity has provided me with I would recommend it, as since I have been here I’ve not only grown up so much, I’ve met some great people and gained experience that will also help me when I start working.

Megan, Young Person, 20.01.16

  • Fola Enifeni

    Amazing that you had this opportunity even before College. You’ll be well ahead of your peers. Livity is indeed a great place. Well done