July 16, 2014

My 3 Favourite Apps

Hazal Kirci, 16, gives us the lowdown on the apps she’s using the most and why…

1) WhatsApp

If there’s one app I am always on, it’s WhatsApp. I always use WhatsApp when there’s Internet around. It’s a far cheaper alternative to texting and much more enjoyable because of the abundance of emojis to choose from. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” can also be applied to WhatsApp emojis when you don’t want a message to sound too deep and serious. For example, “if you say so” insert peering eyes. In addition to that, it’s an easy platform to send images, videos and audio messages to friends and family, especially in cases where you want to share a funny photo you found on Facebook/Instagram.

2) Tumblr

With an array of eye-catching and professional photos, Tumblr is a unique form of social media that’s established itself as a form of “blog”; almost like a blend of Pinterest and Blogspot. Also, when stuck on what to wear and in need of fashion inspiration, I can simply click on search and enter a celebrity or fashion blog. Then, viola, I can look through the pictures until I find an outfit that inspires me.

3) A tie between London Transport Planner and Emails

Both apps have made my life more efficient and easier to lead. The transport planner allows me to ‘favourite’ the bus stops I use the most and at the simple tap of a screen, receive a specific bus timetable in seconds. A lifesaver! As for the email app, I think it’s safe to say that this app is the handiest one you can own. By enabling you to receive immediate notifications for new emails, I can constantly be on the ball as well as find out about new opportunities in a matter of minutes (handy when some things turn out to be first-come-first-served).

16.07.2014, Hazal Kirci, 16, Livity work experience