We include young people at the heart of everything we do

What is youth-centred design?

Livity’s approach to designing anything for young people is a bespoke, adaptable take on the International Standard of Human Centred Design specifically tailored to young people applicable not just to digital UX but all communications, experiences and engagement touch points.

We call it “Youth-Centred Design” and have developed and refined our methodologies over 13 years of working directly with young people every day in mutually beneficial, respectful, and trusted collaborative contexts to create campaigns and experiences that really work.

It begins from a baseline of exceptionally deep ethnographic youth insight, supplemented by existing available, client-derived proactively acquired national data, and involves representative groups of young people across every stage of the process from peer-led research, topic immersion, ideation and participatory development, right through to creative execution, co-design and testing, and peer-to-peer amplification and distribution. These processes ensure that everything we create protects and prioritises the youth user needs and context over any other demands or pressures on any given project.

Within these processes, we also work hard to allow individual artistic vision, gut instinct and experimentation to happen alongside the rigour, to enable moments of breakthrough innovation and strike the right balance of logic and magic.

You can find out more about our overall social impact here.

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