July 3, 2015


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Last Friday the US Supreme Court gave a 5-4 ruling that the constitution grants the right to same-sex marriage. This means that gay marriage has gone from being legal in 37 states to all 50. The ruling was met with much jubilation with Barack Obama commenting that it is a victory for America.

Those opposing the anti-gay legal system during the Stonewall riots back in 1969 were fighting for acceptance and equality. Gay Pride honours those riots that took place in New York City many years ago. Coincidentally the news of the ruling came before both London and New York’s 2015 pride festivals.

Celebrations exploded out on the streets and online. Millions took to tweeting and posting hashtags such as #LoveWins and #LoveIsLove. Facebook rolled out an equality app and companies such as Visa, Uniqlo, Kellog’s and Google were just a few of the multitude of brands making up the breadth of start-ups and global corporations supporting gay marriage.

This week we have seen countless webpages decked out in rainbow flags as their respective brands rally their support. It’s very easy to be cynical when it may seem like nothing more than a marketing gimmick. It’s also very easy to forget that homosexuality was deemed as a criminal office less than 50 years ago.

Bandwagon or not the celebration of a human rights milestone has resonated around the world with some of the most prolific brands toasting the outcome of the ruling. It’s hard not to crack a smile when seeing influential businesses champion equality because when all is said and done #LoveIsLove.

Below are some of the best reactions to the ruling:


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Jamie Scoular, Personal Assistant, Livity, 3.07.2015