October 16, 2015

How to stand out at a freshers fair


somewhereto_ attended freshers fairs in Bristol and Glasgow this year. We caught up with Al from Bristol, to find out his inside tips.

 How did you stand out? 

Our large yellow branding and pop up banners worked a treat! People were intrigued to know how he project worked and what we did. We also had a slideshow running from a monitor showing all the different projects somewhereto_ runs in Bristol. We also had a young photographer Becky to chat about somewhereto_ and describe the benefits of taking part!

What was your highlight?

We met a proactive young musician called Louis Raworth, hoping to find space to perform with his band. We’re considering looking into the possibility of using the Campus Skatepark space as a free performance venue.

What advice can you give to others about marketing at Freshers Fairs?

  • Most importantly it’s really important to know that its overall quite overwhelming for students, as everyone is trying to grab a piece of the pie! Therefore you need to stand out.
  • The attendees of the fair will have all sorts of stimuli and freebie given to them so it’s important to make sure they understand what your brand can offer them so that it doesn’t go over their head.
  • Bring 1000’s of flyers as you can give these out to everyone, as you more than likely will only be able to actually talk to about 10% of attendees.
  • Have a sign on display making clear what the offer is; eg for somewhereto_ we had: ‘COME AND TALK TO US ABOUT FREE SPACE!’. 
  • Go with a team of proactive young people who can give out flyers and describe the project, as this will definitely benefit what you’re doing.
  • Young people won’t have time to fill out a registration form, they’ll barely have time to fill out anything as they’ll want to explore everything they can get for free in the fair. So make sure you have a printed out sheet where people can write their contact details quickly and easily.

somewhereto_ is a UK wide project owned by Livity, which offers young people aged 16-25 access free space. It is funded by a 7m grant from the Big Lottery Fund, to support it’s nationwide expansion to 2016.

Written by Al Hodgson, age 24,  somewhereto_ Delivery partner in Bristol