August 5, 2014

Digital diary of a teenager

Livity Work Experience Nimisha shares her digital diary and what apps, sites and social media capture her attention on a daily basis.

Sunday 27th July

Woke up and checked Twitter. I find the app convenient, fast and easy to access. I tend to access Twitter via the app rather than on a PC. It gave me a good sense of what my friends have been up to during the holidays as I haven’t been able to keep in touch with all of them all the time. I use twitter more often than Facebook because I find that people ‘tweet’ more so my twitter feed is always kept interesting and is regularly updated.


1pm – Checked Facebook using the app. I rarely use Facebook, only when I get the odd notification. I think this is because people have gradually stopped using Facebook, switching to other social networking sites such as Twitter or Instagram.

2pm – Using my laptop, I used the TopShop website to order a new necklace and a pair of shoes. The website is easy to use as it’s sleek and clean theme makes it easy to navigate quickly through the site. I have never felt comfortable ordering items online, however I am confident that the Topshop products will arrive within a short space of time and be good quality.

5pm – Using my laptop and Netflix, I watched a series called American Horror Story.  Netflix is particularly brilliant, and being a film fanatic it’s great to be able to watch a variety of movies and TV so easily.

Monday 28th July

8am – Checked Instagram and Twitter on my phone. Instagram, in particular, has been flooded with images that people have taken whilst they’re on holiday.

10am – Used Whatsapp to talk with friends and family. Whatsapp is possibly my favourite app and is the one I use the most often. My favourite feature on it is that it allows group chats and allows a group of people to have a conversation at once. I have a variety of group chats on Whatsapp, varying from different friendship circles and groups in the family.

1pm – I used Snapchat to quickly view snapchats I had received. Snapchat has grown on me during the last few months and I have come to love it as it’s extremely entertaining. I have a chance to use this app during weekdays when I’m busier as it’s not time-consuming and can be used quickly.

7pm- Used Tumblr. Tumblr is allows people to create blogs, post or ‘reblog’ images from other people. It also allows people interested in certain areas, such as fashion, beauty or photography, to post their images or get inspiration from others. I enjoy using it because it’s completely different to any other website out there.