February 4, 2015

A dazzling place I never knew…



Since joining Livity just over a year ago as a Producer/Director making video content for some really brilliant campaigns, there’s one thing that has really been brought to the forefront of my mind, and that’s the beauty of life-long learning.

Coming from a traditional TV background, most of my programme-making experience had been centred around that landscape – stuff like Come Dine With Me, Grand Designs and (for my sins) Geordie Shore. Mainstream factual entertainment made for terrestrial, cable & Sky TV was what I knew for the most part when it came to producing and directing. But since I’ve been at Livity, it’s been so refreshing to have my eyes opened to a whole new world. Cue Aladdin theme: A whole new woooorrld, A new fantastic point of view…You get my drift. It’s been really exciting to create and analyse content and its consumers (young ones at Livity) in a different way and every day I learn something new, which is bloomin’ great.

But it’s not just this one personal anecdote of mine that supports Livity’s culture of knowledge. This learning (that I’ve not really done consciously for quite some time) surrounds us in the office. Since being here I’ve witnessed members of the Livity family, and our extended network of young people, being taught to knit (thanks Shahnaz!), meditate, run, write, produce & direct, operate cameras, dance, write scripts, analyse YouTube and more (comment below colleagues)! The one that excites me most is being able to mentor.

Having the opportunity to work in a place where young people are truly at the heart of the organisation was a big draw for me. Folk here at Livity are constantly seeking out ways to improve the lives of young people, and a percentage of our working week goes towards mentoring. I love passing on any professional knowledge or life experience I can (didn’t think I had enough of the above to qualify but funny enough I do), and it’s the first time I’ve been given such an opportunity. But what’s even greater is that mentoring is an exchange. I learn so much from the young people I am surrounded by at Livity as well – I’m so in awe of the levels of spirit, enthusiasm and drive I witness on a daily basis. It’s totally inspiring.

So what have you learnt today, from a young person, or anyone in fact? And what have you taught?

Click here for the truly spot on lyrics to “A Whole New World” (The Aladdin song) by Alan Irwin Menken and Timothy Rice & here for the video! 

03.02.15 Cicelia Deane, Producer Director, Livity UK