October 9, 2015

Certainty in somewhereto_

Tottenham Housewarming_-20

Monday morning. A lot of hellos, a lot of new names and a lot to remember; and not just the front door code. There seemed to be so much to learn; it might just have been week one wobbles but it seemed like too much. It’s short sighted, but knowing things would change didn’t make it any better. More hellos and names to fail to remember as I met the national somewhereto_ team. Their passion for the work they do was amazing to experience, but it couldn’t help me feeling the same; what was I supposed to be doing? I was feeling totally uncertain.

My first week progressed and I experienced more and more of somewhereto_ and Livity. As I did, my thinking began to change. Seeing the work somewhereto_ does, the words put into action, underlined this for me. The work I saw at the Tottenham somewhereto_ space was passionate and driven, but its direction was not set; it was uncertain. People there are experimenting, pushing for something new and different; they are changing perspectives, their own and others’.

I may only be a few weeks into my time at Livity, but I can tell that this is an exciting point to join the organisation. From what I have seen and heard from others, the company is shifting. What’s happening now, and is surely soon to come, is dynamic and innovative, but at times ultimately still guesswork. Nothing good though ever came from being too sure, too confident; nothing great ever came from being static.

As my time at Livity has developed, I have tried to keep this notion at the front of my mind, to approach my work with a necessary sense of uncertainty. somewhereto_ has developed as a model that evidently works; it is a format that has proven hugely successful and far reaching, but it is a model formed from its context, and as that context shifts towards the unknown, so too must the project.

This has been the focus of my work so far at somewhereto_, working towards the unknown. Working towards the unknown whilst trying to retain a sense of uncertainty may sound a bit too existential, a bit bleak even, but I have found it to be a fun process.

Everything I have worked on so far with somewhereto_ has ultimately been an exploration, an example of the uncertainty I have felt. somewhereto_ is trying out new ideas, testing new avenues, attempting to find the potential that will allow the project to continue, and it is this landscape of exploration that I have found to be really enjoyable, that I have found driving me, as much as it drives the project.

I have though found one constant in my time working with somewhereto_ so far, one certainty. Everywhere I have looked, everyone I have spoken to and met has had a shared purpose; they have been drawn together from a multitude of different backgrounds, but all have a collective sense of desire, a will to make a difference, in their own and others’ lives. It is this, this common clarity, the fact that so many people care about somewhereto_ and the work that it does, that will push the project to find its direction.

Jack Cuthbertson, Account Manager, somewhereto_, 9.10.2015