February 16, 2015

Empire: How Fox’s new show is defying the rules


There’s lessons for us all in the rise of Empire.

Fox’s hip hop record label drama broke records last week with an unprecedented surge in ratings. The series, starring Terrance Howard, is being hailed as a sudden and surprising televisual success after having seen a week-on-week growth in viewership, an increasingly rare and unexpected ratings trajectory now seen in broadcast television.

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January 27, 2015

Shoe View

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Livity young person Yara gives us the low down on the finest kicks around and what they say about the people that wear them. 

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January 20, 2015

I kick balls, deal with it


January. Let’s face it – it’s the two-face of the calendar months. On the one side it’s the start of a new year, a fresh start, fresh horizons. Wehey! But, on the other side it’s blimming cold, grey and dismal (grismal) and you can feel pretty low in energy. I was veering more to the latter side, until an advertising campaign gave me a huge dose of energy, optimism and Wehey! at full pelt.

It was the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign by Sport England. It’s a campaign that aims to get women in the UK more active, as two million fewer females, play regular sport than males.

The first time I saw this ad, I was transfixed. To the soundtrack of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Your Freak On’ you see women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, abilities and ages getting well and truly stuck in to an array of different sports.

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December 17, 2014




Josh from the Livity creative team ponders Instafame, and how social sharing can be a force for bad as well as good.

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December 11, 2014

Dreaming of a white Christmas….?

It’s that time of year when our screens are filled with those warm, festive Christmas ads. For one Livity young person however, these ads miss the mark in reflecting the diversity of a multi-cultural Britain. Lilufa Uddin believes that for mass appeal, Christmas adverts need to include more ethnic minorities…

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November 7, 2014

The Truth.. Two Years On


Livity young person Yas shares one of her favourite Marketing campaigns from recent years, Bodyform’s ‘The Truth’ (2012), and discusses how health and cosmetics brands can go further to depict women honestly in marketing campaigns. 

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September 17, 2014

Stemming the gender divide


Livity’s Advert in Good Housekeeping

Recently we were asked to create an advert for Good Housekeeping when they were writing an article, “Maths is a Feminist Issue”, around the lack of women studying maths. We were delighted to respond.

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September 11, 2014

Curious About Crowd-Funding?



Many of you will know our friends at Smarta – ‘a business support and advice network for start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs’. We’re proud to be one of their breakthrough 50 companies in fact.

Our FD Lyeloon and I went to a great event of theirs on Tuesday 9th Sept with the theme of collaboration, we left feeling inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs both new and more experienced – I even tweeted for the first time ever – and wanted to share with you just a few of the remarkable stories and business ideas that we heard first hand. There are hyperlinks galore below, but do try to take a look at them all, I think you’ll be inspired too.

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August 27, 2014

Diversity Is A Mind-Set


The issue of diversity in the creative industries is one that has drawn much attention in recent months. Comedian Lenny Henry has been leading the charge for BME representation in television, whilst radio presenter Iain Lee has been making ill-considered asides on-air in relation to black and Asian radio shows. Even the high-profile resignations of politicians in recent weeks have raised questions around diversity and representation at the top level of government.

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