January 17, 2017

Livity launches Creatives in Residence programme

Creatives in residence

In February 2017, Livity will handpick five talented creatives to join our community for three months! The winning five will have completely free access to desk and meeting room space, support with their projects, an opportunity to collaborate on Livity projects and free exhibition space too. We are looking for the best talent to share our space and be part of our office culture.

We are looking for Filmmakers, Photographers, Animators, Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Artists, and Creatives to join us. Simply let us know more about you and your business and we’ll get in touch if we think you are the right fit for the Creatives in Residence programme.

Office space – Use the Livity office as a workspace as well as for meetings and exhibitions, from Mon – Fri, 9.30am – 5.30pm
Mentoring – 3 months mentoring from the Livity team to help with your personal and business development
Skills – Book time with our experts in finance, design, strategy and more, to produce tangible outcomes that take your business to the next level
Inside access – Be the first in line to access paid opportunities at events, shoots, and on client work

How to apply:

– Send us your portfolio / examples of your work
– Tell us how would this opportunity help you (200 words)
– Tell us what requirements you have with the space, and how you practice as an artist
– Let us know what other commitments do you have

Please send all applications to

January 12, 2017

The Livity Enterprise Programme is here!

Youth event

Entrepreneurs’ Collective

The Entrepreneurs’ Collective is a thriving community for future CEOs to connect and collaborate.

It is open to young entrepreneurs, aged 16-25, who are starting or have started a business and who want to meet other like-minded people whilst getting more targeted support for their business.

Join the collective and get the latest news about our bi-monthly events and workshops, hosted by Google, ASOS, Facebook and more.

The collective is open to entrepreneurs in any sector.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

We’ll also hand pick 20 entrepreneurs who will be further supported by Livity to establish and grow their business through accessing the following for free:

Office space – Use the Livity office as a workspace from as well as for meetings and events.
Mentoring – 3 months mentoring from the Livity team to help with your personal and business development
Skills – Book time with our experts in finance, design, strategy and more, to produce tangible outcomes that take your business to the next level
Corporate contacts – Get access to Livity’s black book of industry contacts, clients, brands, etc

To apply for this opportunity, fill out this form and if you get through to the next stage, you will be invited to come and pitch your business in front of a panel.

Dates for your diary
● Deadline for submitting your proposal – Sunday 29th January 2017
● Finalists Pitch to Livity – Monday 6th Feb 5pm – 8pm
● Final 20 notified Friday 10th Feb

Fill out this form to apply

November 10, 2016

Young people have been Trumped again, but disruption is around the corner

According to an analysis of exit polls by the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement, one of the key reasons that underpinned Donald Trump’s presidential victory was the lack of youth engagement.

Historically, young people have been an integral part of any Democrat victory, particularly in Barack Obama’s success over the past eight years. However, this election represented one of the lowest youth turnouts in recent years, and it had a huge impact on Hillary’s downfall. Simultaneously, we also witnessed a significant increase in young people turning to independent candidates, particularly Gary Johnson.

Rather than getting into the politics of each candidate, I think the key outtake here is that, once again, young people felt incredibly disillusioned during a major political decision. This is something that will be all too familiar to British readers, after 75% of people under 25 voted ‘Remain’ during European Union membership referendum, but only 64% of them actually voted. As the history books will show, the end result was incredibly tight and went against their consensus, but could easily have been swayed if they had been more engaged with the decision.

Young people are becoming increasingly jaded by politics and refusing to buy into the binary decisions presented to them. The challenge is these major decisions are still being made on their behalf, and no one is going to be living with the ramifications for longer than them. Instead of continuing to ignore Millennials and accepting their disillusionment, I believe it is our duty to find new ways to engage with young people in politics.

From Livity’s extensive insight work with young people we have seen time and time again that it’s not apathy driving their lack of participation. Young people are incredibly motivated to make a change in all aspects of their lives, and feel more empowered than ever to do so.

Today’s teens don’t really remember life before the economic downturn, before austerity, or before global financial insecurity, so – unlike most of us – they didn’t go to school expecting to be handed the perfect career at the end of it. And their Gen X parents, who grew up in a similar economic climate (with a big value on enterprise) have raised them to believe that if they want something they have to make it happen for themselves.

This has led Gen Z to being a generation of hustlers and strivers, expecting to have to define their own path in everything they do. They’ve seen countless industries being disrupted before their eyes, often by people in very similar positions to them. The problem is not a lack of motivation, or a belief in their ability to instill change, but a general disdain for the way things are being done right now.

The US election highlighted this perfectly. The problem is not that they don’t care about who runs the country, it’s that they have no interest in supporting either of the candidates placed in front of them. The youth support for Bernie Sanders in the primaries highlighted this perfectly, and there has been plenty of speculation that Sanders would have in fact won the election if the DNC had supported him fully. We will never find out the truth of that, but it does highlight the opportunity in place if young people can be motivated successfully.

So what can we do? How can we engage young people in a way that moves beyond these binary decisions, and empowers them to make a difference?

Recently we have been working on a project called Undivided – the UK’s first ever nationwide youth-led campaign, which demands a better Brexit deal for young people. It is entirely apolitical and is led by three young people with directly opposing views – a staunch supporter of the leave campaign, a strong supporter of the Remain campaign, and someone who refused to engage in it either way.

With our support and infrastructure, these three young people have united and formed a core team of 30 people who aim to crowdsource one million youth demands by January which they will then look to whittle down to 10 to take to Parliament in the form of a manifesto. The apolitical nature of this project has led to significant support and engagement with young people. It is not pushing either party agenda; it’s just trying to define a future that young people want to live in.

I personally believe this is a very positive and necessary step in overcoming the disillusionment we’re currently seeing within this demographic. Instead of trying to push them to align themselves with either party, we need to look to disruptive formats like Undivided that allow them to express the nuance and complexity of their opinions.

Young people have grown up in a world where everything can be disrupted and turned on its head at any moment, and instead of fighting against it, it is our duty to empower them and help them define the world they want to live in.

By Felix Morgan, senior strategist and innovation lead at Livity
Originally published on M&M Global

November 16, 2016

Livity and Dyson announce winners of Rethinkers challenge

dyson-winnersThree weeks ago, we launched our Rethinkers campaign for Dyson to help the brand source the brightest global minds.

The activity featured a series of seriously hard online challenges, which participants had to solve online in order to be in with a chance to visit Dyson’s top secret tech lab and meet CEO Max Conze, and ultimately be in with a chance to work at Dyson. Check out our launch film here which contains the first clue.

We launched the campaign with a slightly off-the-wall strategy, by planting the first challenge on Reddit.

Our strategy paid off. The campaign took off around the world with thousands of participants getting their teeth into the challenges on Reddit and publications like The Telegraph and Wired covering the activity.

Results so far include: 40+ major publications covering the activity (view a selection of the coverage here); 150% increase in visits to Dyson’s applications site; 200+ separate job applications as a direct result of the campaign, 8.8m organic social reach and 75% positive sentiment. Well done team Dyson!

Congratulations to our four winners.

October 26, 2016

We are Undivided #wedemand

We Are Undivided
It began the week after the referendum; it launches today; it could change the face of British politics.

Thousands of young people from across the UK of all political persuasions, backgrounds and beliefs are rising above differing opinions to focus on their uniting principles as we head further into Brexit negotiations.

They’re doing this to rise above hate; to demand their voice be heard in the negotiations that will affect their generation longest; to get the best deal for young people from Brexit; to prove their differences make them stronger; and that they are not divided as we’re too often told.

Today I’m proud to share the launch of

In the four months since the referendum, young people from all corners of the UK have built a brand, developed a site, secured funding, created a team, designed a campaign that’s digital, physical, social, local and interactive, and today it all goes live.

The three young leaders (a leaver, a remainer and a non-voter) will this morning be on the Today programme on Radio 4, Adam Boulton on Sky News, Victoria Derbyshire on BBC2, ITV Live on Facebook and after that, in every paper from The Sun to the Sunderland Echo.

They aim to involve a million young voices in the formation of a series of demands to protect young people’s futures in Brexit, which they will deliver to Parliament and the PM in January. The digital platform will capture those voices and provide a progressive, positive contribution to the UK’s developing Brexit strategy. In the end, they want a seat at the negotiation table.

Livity is proud to have housed, supported and mentored the young people behind the campaign, and we’d like to ask for your support in giving these young people power.

Please share, comment and like across any social media channel you have – their Facebook page is, their Twitter is @WeAreUndivided and they are using #wedemand.

Look out for it today, and please lend a hand where you can to help create a youth-led vision for an Undivided country after Brexit that we can look forward too.

Thank you for your support,
Sam Conniff
Co-Founder & CEO of Livity

Sam & the Undivided co-leaders

September 19, 2016

Livity secures £1.5m investment to accelerate growth ambitions

Livity is to accelerate its growth ambitions and enhance its specialist agency offer, following an investment of up to £1.5 million from award-winning social investment fund, Impact Ventures UK (IVUK).

Livity will be using the funding to strengthen its core agency offering of having best-in-class youth insights and access. This will be done through investment in creative and strategic expertise; new agency products and services; the creation of a youth-led innovation team and a social impact report.

Livity will also be scaling its international youth audience ownership through the launch of a new publishing offering, which will see the creation of a suite of youth co-created social content channels. The “Made By Livity” multi-platform network will be overseen by Livity’s current executive creative director, former Dazed editor, Callum McGeoch who takes on the newly created role of publishing director.

The network of wholly-owned and partnered channels will provide brands and clients with authentic, trusted routes to mass youth audiences whilst giving young people opportunities to train in creative, production, community and channel management and social data analysis.

Liam Black, member of IVUK’s Investment Committee and one of the UK’s best-known social entrepreneurs, commented: “Livity is one of the best chances for young people in London to get inspired and change their lives. We are delighted and honoured that Michelle and Sam have chosen to partner with IVUK to scale their business and purpose. We look forward to many years of productive collaboration in the interests of young people.”

Michelle Morgan, CEO and co-founder of Livity, said: “We’ve been proving that a purpose-led agency offering has a clear place in the sector for 15 years. Now, with IVUK as our investor partner, we are ready to scale our model and purpose to have much greater impact. The agency model needs to evolve, and with purpose and young people at our heart, we are best-placed to grow in ways that will ensure we continue to give clients the very best youth-led insights and access. This will in turn lead to deeper, more meaningful solutions for them and work that truly works.”

Livity’s unique social enterprise model means that its work for clients benefits from young people’s insights, energy and authentic voices, while the young people it mentors receive training, experience and support into employment and education.

August 10, 2016

Livity further bolsters strategy offering as it appoints Katy Woodrow Hill as strategy director



Livity has further strengthened its strategy operation with the appointment of heavyweight talent Katy Woodrow Hill as strategy director. The appointment follows the award-winning youth marketing agency’s hire of Felix Morgan as senior strategist and innovation lead earlier this year. Woodrow Hill will be charged with overseeing the strategy offering for all of Livity’s clients, which include Google, Unilever, Barclays, and Cancer Research UK.

Previously strategy partner at Dare, Woodrow Hill brings more than 10 years of senior agency experience, including a stint as head of social at Wunderman. As well as growing and developing Livity’s strategy model, she will be charged with the unique task of developing the agency’s well-known, established youth network and helping clients to build their own youth networks, which Livity is already doing for global brands such as Unilever.

While at Dare, Woodrow Hill was the lead planner on several key accounts including Barclays, Barclaycard, Sainsbury’s, Cancer Research UK and Coca-Cola, and headed up the agency’s content offering.

Reporting to managing director Alex Goat, Woodrow Hill joins the 60-strong Livity team this month.

Goat said: “We are very proud to have Katy joining our senior management team. Livity is an audience-driven business and Katy’s experience and leadership in audience insight, planning and platform development is second to none. Combining that with our unique ethnographic understanding of young people spanning 15 years is hugely exciting for us and our clients.”

Woodrow Hill said: “What attracted me to Livity was the uniqueness of the role. Here is an agency that has one of the largest and most established youth networks and so the opportunity as a strategist to have first-hand access to those insights is too tempting. They are working on briefs that as a strategist you can’t wait to get your hands on. My aim is to bring together the deep, rich insights we get from young people, our strategic consultancy and creative capabilities to deliver business change and growth for our clients. I also wanted to be somewhere that celebrates the diverse culture we live in, somewhere that uses that to its advantage and to bring new thinking to businesses.”

August 12, 2016

UK charity Street League appoints Livity for first ever youth marketing campaign

Cavendish Press - Manchester

UK charity Street League has appointed Livity to relaunch its brand and create its first national marketing campaign targeting young people to date. Livity won the work following a competitive pitch.

Street League, which aims to bring an end to youth unemployment by harnessing the power of sport, has enlisted Livity to help it launch a nationwide recruitment drive targeting young people not in employment between 16 and 25, with the aim of getting them to join Street League’s Academy programme. The programme runs for 10 weeks and involves two hours of sport and two hours in the classroom every day, teaching vital employability skills, such as CV writing.

The campaign, which will launch in August, will tap into increased awareness about the power of sport to improve and transform people’s lives, heightened by excitement around the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will also coincide with the nationwide release of this year’s GCSE results, with a view to offering young people an alternative path to career success.

Matt Stevenson-Dodd, CEO at Street League, said: “We were really impressed by how well Livity totally understood our ethos, approach and goals and by how well they know young people. Their unique model and focus on co-creation enables them to develop fantastic creative which really strikes a chord with this audience and thus drives true social change. Involving and listening to your audience is the best way to develop truly effective campaigns and that’s why we wanted to work with Livity.”

Lianre Robinson, client services director at Livity, said: “Everyone at Livity was absolutely thrilled when we won the Street League pitch. This absolutely taps into the Livity sweet spot: improving young people’s lives through an exciting creative opportunity.”

Street League has also offered a position within their marketing team to intern Tiye Walcott, who took part in Livity’s Digify UK industry internship – a unique collaboration between Livity, the Marketing Agencies Association and Google – this year. Walcott will work on launching the upcoming campaign at the end of August, that she also had input in creating.

August 12, 2016

Raspberry Pi appoints Livity to help unlock teen motivations

Hi res RP logo-2

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the organisation behind the handheld Raspberry Pi computer, has appointed Livity to help it get under the skin of the UK teen market and research what drives young people to want to take part in digital making.

The findings will frame the structure and content of future programmes, which will aim to build on the success of Raspberry Pi’s current programmes for primary children across the UK – such as its recent merger with the hugely successful Code Club programme for 9 to 11 year olds – by bringing coding to a new, older teen audience.

Rob Buckland, director of programmes at Raspberry Pi, said: “We’re so excited to learn more about this audience and by doing so we hope to have a huge impact on the next generation. Livity has really demonstrated the years of experience and insight they have into this group. We’re really looking forward to working with them.”

Alex Goat, managing director at Livity, said: “Raspberry Pi are the leaders in their field. We’re honoured that they chose us to help them with such an interesting brief. This is another step in the right direction for us as an industry, ensuring that we keep engaging the next generation of digital talent with valuable opportunities like this. This is what we love; helping our clients understand and get closer to youth. We can’t wait to get started.”

Raspberry Pi appointed Livity without a pitch or intermediary.

August 5, 2016

Livity appoints James Hogwood as creative director


28th July, 2016: Livity has appointed James Hogwood to take up the role of creative director.

Hogwood will join this month and will report in to managing director Alex Goat. He brings a wealth of industry experience including stints at AKQA, the NSPCC and most recently, Tribal Worldwide. His brand experience spans several sectors, with past clients including Nike,  Lipton, Volkswagen,  Wall’s Ice Cream,  and ChildLine. Recognition includes gongs from Cannes Lions,  BIMA,  One Show and the FWA.

Goat said: “It’s such an exciting time for James to be joining Livity; we have some of the   most unique and exciting creative, business and social challenges to answer at the moment from our clients. James’ wealth of expertise across content, platform and product innovation, combined with experience of co-creating with young people means that he is absolutely best placed to lead our diverse and ambitious creative product.”

Of his appointment, Hogwood said: “I’ve joined Livity because they can do what no one else can do right now: use their expertise in youth to make groundbreaking work that enables, entertains and connects on a whole different level. I can’t wait to get started.”