September 21, 2015

Attending digital marketing events: the benefits for young people




We were recently invited to attend  the  Secret Sauce Conference hosted by Vincent Dignan  at Campus London. This Wednesday, we will be taking down a group young people with a vested interest in marketing.  If you are interested in the world of marketing, going to a marketing event is a great idea. Here are some of the reasons why:

Give you some direction

You may have already decided that marketing is the right career for you, but with the multitude of different types of companies and roles on offer it can be difficult to pinpoint an area. Listening to an expert in a particular field, whether it is Steven Bartlett form Social Chain on building communities or Robert Surpateanu from Zipcar talking about User Experience could add some clarity.

Networking and finding a job

These events are a fantastic way to unearth new opportunities. If you make a great impression there could be a job offer on the table. Companies are always looking for talented people, whether they are hiring at that exact moment or not. It’s worth preparing a short introduction which sells yourself in an elevator pitch style.

Even if an opportunity is not currently available, you can keep the relationship you make with those you meet at the event alive with follow up emails or tweets, until an opportunity arises.  


With the wealth of experience and knowledge at these events, you are sure to pick up some useful industry knowledge. This could be more basic things like terminology, or it could be a more complex understanding that only someone with experience can provide.

Being inspired

The event may well inspire you and get you more excited about the industry as a whole. This excitement is infectious and the kind of thing an employer and an interviewer wants to see.

Being able to tell your next interviewer about a relevant event you went to and what you learnt is a fantastic way of standing out from the crowd and showing how serious you are about a career in that industry.

These events offer an  opportunity  to chat about the big ideas and concepts that make the marketing industry an exciting place to work. If you are a young person and would like to attend an event, we can help you. Email: or

Sam Boggis-Rolfe is a Digital Strategist at Livity