March 19, 2015

Achieving an even life balance


If they had told me when I left for Uni that I would be lucky enough to work & live in different countries I would have never believed it. But as one of my friends back in Spain says: “The world is there, and it’s there to be seen”.

So as I was getting to my last year of University I set myself a goal, which was: “I can’t spend the next 10 years of my life in San Sebastian. I need to go and see what else is out there”.

This trip has taken me to: London – Madrid – San Francisco (US) – Saudi Arabia – and currently London again. Who knows what other destinations are still waiting for me out there. But although it’s great to travel, work and live in different countries, but what really matters is all the free lessons you learn along the way.

Do you know any school where you learn mental strength? Any university where they teach you how to constantly step out of your comfort zone? Any tutorial where you learn to look inside yourself? Any academy where you’re taken to your limits and there is nobody there to help you but yourself and where mum and dad can’t come and help you?

At first, I thought how would I cope with such big changes? The differences are massive; from working in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley where the world looks at to know what the next trendy thing is going to be to living in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia where women can’t drive, where there are no cinemas, pubs or nightclubs, where shops are closed five times per day for praying and where restaurants have singles (male only) and family sections.

But it is possible if you keep in mind the following aspects; mental strength, respect, and maintaining an open mind. I’m sure that if you’ve experienced something like this in your life before, you’ll agree that what you get is an all-important even balance.

An even balance is when you learn how to live in a thriving city like SF or London where everybody is busy, people don’t look up and go to battle everyday on the Tube or B.A.R.T and then in contrast live in a country like Saudi Arabia. SA is a place where you find different morals and government but you’ll find respectful people, you’ll get an understanding of one of the biggest religions in the world and how that is implemented in the day to day life, and get to taste some amazing food like ‘kabsa’ or ‘kunafa’.

What I’m trying to say is that understanding and balance is achieved through experience. You don’t have to try and copy what you see on TV or see in the movies, or believe everything that CNN says. What works for me, is to compare and contrast, see how things are done in one part of the world and then in the other, absorb it all and enjoy the results. I recommend giving it a try and keeping an even balance in your life!

19.03.15, Jon Vega, Account Executive at Livity