August 11, 2014

A teenager’s take on selfies

Young people today are “not just a group of acne infested zombies that spend all their lives on their phones!”

Those aren’t my words, although I totally agree with the sentiment, they came from the mouth of Elias (aged 15). Elias is one of Livity’s impressive young contributors.  He created a short video as part of a fascinating insight project Livity carried out around young people and their relationships with devices and media.

He very eloquently, not only highlights generation specific behaviours and insights, but also makes the point that there are fundamental similarities that transcend generations. The need for social acceptance and feeling connected to friends, for example, is a universal driver that influences behaviours, irrespective of time and location.

Check out Elias’s video below.

(This video was created for internal research purposes so please forgive the sketchy editing)!